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CJ, Nate and Chef Roc

The Weekly Podcast…

This new Rugby Podcast  will be hosted by San Diego Legion player Nate Augspurger along with radio personalities and Rugby Rookies, CJ and Chef Roc. Think bar chat, but with some of the biggest characters in the game. The guys will discuss everything from tour stories to what really goes on behind the scenes in the World of Rugby. We also cover all the latest news, special in-studio guests like Superstar Ma’a Nonu and interviews with opposing players, but with plenty of laughs, opinions and without taking ourselves too seriously. We’ll be available on over a dozen Podcast locations.

CJ and Chef Roc

Co-Hosts CJ Johnson & Chef Roc

CJ and Chef Roc have teamed up before when they worked on the Chef Roc and Friends Show that aired on ESPN 1700 AM radio in San Diego, CA. The format of the radio show was centered around sports talk and included Chef Roc delighting the audience with quick and easy food recipes. With a guest list from Bo Jackson to the head chef at the White House, the show was unique and appealed to the average to the avid sports viewer. Episodes of the Chef Roc and Friends show are currently available on YouTube.

After their interview with Nate Augspurger, Chef Roc and CJ came up with the idea to to create the Quick Tap Rugby Outlier Podcast. The podcast focuses on the sport of rugby, training and the lifestyles of San Diego Legion players, coaches and special guests.

This podcast unlike typical podcasts will be video taped as a TV Show as well as recorded as a radio/podcast. This gives the sponsors multiple platforms to be seen and heard. 

Thomas Kihneman

Producer Thomas Kihneman, Video DNA, Owner

Tom has extensive experience in all phases of broadcast production including producing, directing, writing, technical direction, motion graphics, branding and editing.

He has produced/directed/edited a huge variety of broadcast/video programming in the areas of technology, infomercials, lifestyle/culinary, politics, podcasts, streaming, corporate and commercials.

Video DNA is a studio shooting multi-camera programming. Tom enjoys “calling the shots” as the talent and hosts work their magic creating engaging, timely programming.  He always learns something new from the people he works with, believing that television is a collaborative art.  Two things Tom will always share about his craft, “I started as an editor because I think you learn every other phase of production from there.”  Also he says, “broadcast deadlines are relentless, and I always deliver.”

With technology always evolving, here’s a link to his latest YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBwgDoqo1J_628DcjWjhHA?view_as=subscriber

There you’ll see a little bit of everything, including a couple episodes of “Quick Tap Rugby Outliers Podcast.”

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