Season One

The Season Finale of Quick Tap Rugby Outliers Podcast comes this week! Nate introduces his new venture, Product of Rugby, a rugby brand with a giving spirit. We bring on Derek Lipscomb, an educator of racial literacy and long time rugby player, to talk on the topic of racism in rugby. Derek describes his leadership and engagement in the community by co-founding Roots, rugby offering opportunities to succeed, and founding The Work. Nate also brings on Ty Braga, MLR announcer, to highlight his perspective around racism in rugby as a South African. Ty brings a detailed connection to the recent moves in Major League Rugby with player re-signings and teams preparing for 2021. CJ, Chef Roc, and Nate share their appreciation for one another to sign off on a great first season. Can’t wait to be back for MLR 2021.

CJ, Chef Roc, and Nate Augspurger drive Episode 14 with one of the most prominent USA Eagles player of all time, Todd Clever. They chat about his journey over the years as a player and how his mindset has developed into his retirement endeavors. Nate shares his appreciation for who Todd was to him as a kid and a captain. Hear from the man that took rugby to new heights for the Americans, now!

CJ, Chef Roc, and Nate continue to add to a streak of amazing guests. This week on the QTR Podcast they hosted USA Eagles Sevens star, Carlin Isles, the speed expert and motivational speaker. He dives into the mindset it takes to believe in yourself, why he continues to find new ways to challenge himself, and what may be next for his rugby career post Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Listen now, as Nate and Carlin reminisce some great memories from their first lead up to the 2016 Olympics.

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